David R. Tanis

David R. Tanis, a retired attorney, is a writer, primarily of fiction, living with his wife of five decades on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. As a retired Army captain, having served with the Green Berets, a disabled American Veteran, prosecutor, trial attorney and Judge, he offers a unique perspective on life and the experiences it affords.

Moonshine Cove Publishing is delighted to introduce David Tanis' third novel, the final in a trilogy about the decidedly unpolished, yet brilliantly clever small town lawyer, Hamish O'Halloran. This thoroughly humorous and charming novel will surely captivate you with a copious use of playful plot twists and turns.

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Moonshine Cove Publishing is pleased to introduce David Tanis' second novel, STRANGE GOINGS ON AT MOTHER NATURES. This second in a series of novels about the escapades of a small town lawyer, (Hamish O'Halloran) is sure to please while providing many laughs for a wonderful summer read. The novel is available through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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Through Moonshine Cove Publishing David has released his original novel, JUST ADD WATER, introducing Hamish O’Halloran,

a small town lawyer whose idealism and zeal has long burned out.

This amusing and entertaining novel is full of humorous Southern

style legal anecdotes based on actual events.

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