The world is moving at such a rapid pace so simply getting a chance to speak and be heard can be quite an arduous task.  As I have my own site, and for those that have an interest, I deemed that this is an appropriate place for me to periodically post random thoughts and opinions - sometimes just venting, and at other times just a way of helping me to think through current day issues and trends.  Now of course one of the most important aspects of being heard is also the ability to listen, so with that, I welcome your thoughts and opinions regarding my posts.  

All the best, David.

What We Should Expect in our Leaders

May 20, 1976

<p class="plain">We should expect our leaders to lead, naturally, to take decisive, effective action in times of crisis. This simple but appropriate statement, presupposes a great deal of behind the scenes action and support development. It presupposes that out leaders actions will be based on accepted and decent principles in the best interest of the common good. That leaders will insure that they have the necessary information upon which to base their decisions and actions. It presupposes that they will have taken the steps necessary to insure they have the resources in terms of personnel and logistics to successfully complete the mission they have embarked upon. That they will have the personal courage and fortitude to persevere in the face of adversity whether it be danger or opposition, and the commitment to succeed. Leaders must lead from the forefront and be courageous and steadfast. There must be no equivocation or signs of waffling or weakness.</p> <p class="plain"><br></p><p class="plain">Our leaders have to be adept at choosing capable and competent staff and supporters, based on ability and not political or even personal favoritism. These people must also be strong enough to complete and follow through with their assignments. Leaders have to be able to be quick to realize and take responsibility for mistakes, errors and shortcomings, and take steps necessary to correct them and insure they are not repeated. Leaders have to be quick to take action to correct deficiencies, and replace staff needing to be replaced without apology, excuse, or equivocation. Leaders should have global perspectives, clear cut, specific goals, and well thought out plans for accomplishing them. Leaders must have several contingency plans, with detailed alternatives when the original plans are countered or go awry.</p> <p class="plain">&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; </p><p class="plain">We should expect our leaders to be able to effectively deal with other leaders, both allies and enemies, to be able to negotiate from positions of strength, to form alliances, to create concern in our enemies without forcing them into a position where they have no choice but to retaliate, in short, not to force them into a corner. Leaders have to be flexible enough to compromise, accomplishing goals without sacrificing principles. In order to do this, our leaders must be the type of people with a set of ethics and principles firmly embedded in their psyche, and both followers, allies and adversaries must be firmly convinced of these principles. Among the most important of these principles are honesty and integrity. Any leader who demonstrates dishonesty, prevarication, or moral compromise can neither be trusted nor respected. Trust and respect are absolutely essential when it comes to good and effective leadership.</p>